Buyer's guide to electric and gas powered rc airplanes.

remote control airplanes

remote controlled airplanes

 Remote Controlled
Airplanes for Beginners

"Buyer's Guide to Beginner Type Remote Controlled airplanes."

Here are some of the cheapest and most popular remote controlled airplanes among beginners. These are the cheapest and easiest to fly model planes.

Easy to Fly
3 Channel Airplanes
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Remote Controlled Airplanes

Easy to Fly Remote Controlled Airplanes

Highly recommended are the 2 channel electric remote controlled airplanes. 2 channel design makes flying controls simpler and less complicated than a 3 channel airplane.

Highly recommended are cheap rc airplanes such as the Hobby Zone Firebird Outlaw RTF. A cheap, simple, and easy to fly remote control airplane for beginners and young kids.

3 Channel Remote Control Airplanes

Highly recommended is the Super Aviator Electric RTF. This 3 channel remote control airplane has successfully trained thousands of beginners. You can control up / down, left / right, and speed.

Kit comes complete with all accessories you need to start flying. Included are the 3 channel radio control system, electric airplane kit, 8.4 volt battery pack, battery charger, and a good printed manual with diagrams. You can also purchase spare parts, just in case.

Buy Electric RC Airplanes

You can buy these electric powered rc airplanes, plus many other models from local hobby shops or online r/c hobby stores.

Visit the "Buy RC Airplanes" for our list of highly recommended online hobby shops. Discount, sales, and sometimes free shipping make buying online a great deal.

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