Guide to remote control model boats.

Hobby Quality Remote Control Boats That are Ready to Run

Choosing, buying, building, and playing electric and nitro gas powered remote control boats is one way of relaxing, having fun, and relieving stress. These hobby quality boats are loads are fast, much faster than toy remote controlled boats you buy at department stores.

Picture of a remote control boat.
Picture of a Megatech Remote Control Boat

The best part about hobby quality r/c boats is that you can race several of them at a time. You and your friends can have fun racing mini electric boats in a swimming pool, or the fast nitro powered gas boats in a lake.

And being ready to run, there is no assembly required. Simply charge the battery or put in fuel, and you are ready to have fun.

Nitro Powered Gas Boats

These are the ultimate, and are built for speed. Fast? How does 35+ miles per hour in the water grab you? Powered by water cooled engines, these rc boats can run for 20 minutes on a single tank of gas.

The best part is that these come ready to run out of the box. This means they come with the radio control system and gas motor fully assembled. Simply put in the nitro fuel and start having fast fun!

Popular brands and models are the Traxxas Nitro Vee RTR Kit W/Radio, Hobby Zone - NITRO Shockwave 55" RTR w/ Zene23M & XR, and the Megatech Wicked Angel Nitro Boat.

Traxxas remote controlled gas boat.
Picture of the Traxxas Nitro Vee R/C Gas Boat

Among the three, the Traxxas Nitro Vee RTR Kit W/Radio is highly recommended because it is a high quality model boat at a cheap price. Traxxas is well known for producing fun, ready to run, hobby quality model kits.
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Electric RC Fun!

Perfect for any age, electric rc boats are great if you already own an electric rc car. This is because the two use the same type of motors, batteries, and radio controller.

Electric models are also cheaper than the gas models. They are also quiet, and will not disturb your neighbors.

You can choose from various models such as speed boats, pool boats, sail boats, and racing boats.

Popular brands and models are the Traxxas Villian IV RTR Boat w/Radio, Traxxas Blast Boat RTR Kit W/Radio, Sea Lite Sail Boat, Megatech Caribbean Cruiser Boat w/ Radio, and the Nikko Ripper with battery pack and charger.

Picture of an electric remote control boat from Traxxas.
Picture of the Traxxas Blast Electric RC Boat

Again, recommended are the electric remote controlled boats made by Traxxas. Fast boats at a cheap price.
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