Introduction to the hobby of rc cars.

Fast and Cheap RC Cars

This page is an introduction to the fun hobby of rc cars. You will learn all about cheap electric rc cars and the fast gas powered nitro rc cars.

Electric or Gas "Nitro" Powered?

Beginners would enjoy starting out with cheap electric rc cars. These are simpler and easier to build and maintain as compared to gas powered models. Basic equipment is the car kit, the radio control system, an electric motor, a speed controller, and a 7.2 volt battery pack.

Picture of HPI Dash electric rc car.
Picture of the HPI Dash - Electric kit

Popular companies or brands are Associated, Kyosho, HPI, Tamiya, and Traxxas. Popular models are Associated TC3, HPI RS4, HPI Dash, Traxxas Rustler, and the Traxxas E-Maxx.

Experienced modelers would soon look for more excitement, and that is what fast nitro rc cars are all about. The realistic sound of the 2-stroke engine, the smell of nitro, automatic two-speed transmissions, and speeds over 50 miles per hour makes nitro rc cars so popular.

Picture of the HPI Nitro RS4.
Picture of the HPI Nitro RS4 RTR 3

Popular models are the Associated Nitro TC3 and the HPI Nitro RS4 gas powered touring cars.

Where To Buy?

Try to buy from your local hobby shop. Or conveniently buy rc cars for sale at a recommended online hobby shop.

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