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Vol 1, Issue 2                                          October 13, 2003


* NiMH vs. NiCad Electric RC Airplane Batteries
* Charging Tips for NiMH RC Airplane Batteries
* NiMH Battery Care
* Discount Coupons When Buying RC Airplanes


NiMH vs. NiCad Electric RC Airplane Batteries

Nikel-cadmium (NiCad or Ni-Cd) batteries are older type battery
technology. These batteries provide great power output and high

Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) is the new battery technology. Also
used in other rc hobby applications (e.g. rc cars, rc airplanes), these
batteries provide more capacity (i.e. longer run times) with just
a slight increase in battery weight.

What battery is best for electric rc airplanes? NiMH seems to
be the best choice. Just remember that it is different from NiCads.

For example, the charging current is different. You can charge
NiCads at a higher rate than NiMHs. You can fully discharge a
NiCad battery to zero volts while doing this with NiMH will likely
damage the battery.


Charging Tips for NiMH RC Airplane Batteries

Brand new NiMH batteries would benefit from an initial slow,
overnight charge. Basic charging rate would be capacity divided
by 10. For example, a 700mAh battery would be charged at a
rate of 70mA (i.e. 70 milliamps). This would take around 10 hours
to charge a 700mAh battery at 70mA. Doing this "slow" charge
"cycles" the battery and conditions the battery to give better

Overnight charging is also "easy" on the battery, giving it a longer
lifespan as compared to a battery that is "fast" charged.

For the charger, is is best to buy a peak detection charger designed
for NiMH batteries. These chargers detect the peak voltage of the
battery during charging, and will automatically stop charging. This
protects your battery from being overcharged and damaged.

The charge rate is a compromise. Charging to fast will damage
your batteries, while charging too slow is not good enough for
impatient people like me.

If you have to fast charge, do not go higher than twice the rated
capacity. For example, a 700mAh battery can be fast charged
at 1400mA. Charging this battery at 2000mA will most likely damage

Tip: A better compromise would be to buy an extra battery pack.
That way you can always charge overnight and avoid the need
to fast charge.


NiMH Battery Care

Here are some basic guidelines to help prolong the life of your
NiMH batteries.

1. Do not allow the pack to be fully discharged.
2. Do not overcharge.
3. Avoid undercharging. charge to the fully capacity.
4. Do not charge a hot battery.
5. Let the battery cool down naturally (air) rather than placing
in ice.
6. Overnight "slow" charging is better than "fast" charging.


Discount Coupons When Buying RC Airplanes

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