Gas Powered RC Airplanes

gas rc airplanes

gas powered rc airplanes



 Beginner's Guide to Popular Gas Powered RC Airplanes

Even beginner's can have fun with gas rc airplanes. Popular gas powered rc airplanes from Arrow, Hobbico, and Megatech make it easy and cheap to get into the hobby with their ready to fly (RTF) and almost ready to fly (ARF) model airplanes.

Looking for a cheap rc plane? The Arrow Semi-Symmetrical Trainer (RTF) is one of the cheapest gas powered rc airplane you can buy.

Gas Powered RC Airplanes
Hobbico SuperStar Gas Powered RC Airplanes

However, the best in value is probably the Hobbico SuperStar Select MkII Trainer. It is a stable flying... a perfect first time "gas powered rc airplane." It comes pre-installed with a gas engine and Futaba radio control system. Parts are balsa covered with MonoKote. Ready to fly in 20 minutes.

There are also a couple more recommended gas powered rc airplanes such as the Arrow, Hobbico, and Megatech. There is also the Nitro Alpha Trainer (RTF), another good, first time gas powered rc plane.

Gas RC airplanes just need the following:

  • rc airplane kit
  • 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine
  • rc airplane hobby fuel
  • fuel pump
  • starter for the engine
  • 1.5 volt batter to ignite the glow plug of the engine
  • radio control system
  • 12 AA sized batteries for the radio control system

Most ready to fly kits come with the airplane, gas engine, and radio control system. Items such as hobby fuel, fuel pump, engine starter, glow plug igniter, and AA sized battery are usually purchased separately.

Recommended Gas Powered RC Airplanes

Here is a list of best gas rc airplanes for beginners to start out with. The Hobbico SuperStar Select MkII Trainer is the recommended gas powered rc airplane.

  1. Hobbico SuperStar Select MkII Trainer - Blue
  2. Nitro Alpha Trainer, RTF
  3. Arrow Semi-Symmetrical Trainer, RTF
  4. Megatech Nitro Capitol Flyer ARF
  5. Megatech Nitro Skyliner ARF

You can buy these models at your local hobby shop. You can also easily and conveniently buy gas powered rc airplanes from recommended online rc hobby shops. 

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