Buyer's guide to electric and gas powered rc airplanes.

electric rc airplanes

electric powered rc airplanes

 Electric Powered RC Airplanes!

"Buyer's Guide to Popular Electric RC Airplanes."

The great part about this hobby is the realism of flying electric rc airplanes. There are models that replicate the Mustang, F-16 fighter jet, Spitfire, and even the stealth bomber.

Buy Electric RC Airplanes

Electric Powered RC Airplanes

Mustang Electric Powered RC Airplanes

Highly recommended is the Megatech P51D Mustang. This is a ready to fly (rft) electric powered rc airplane that closely replicates the look of a WWII Mustang fighter plane.

Kit comes fully assembled with a 3 channel radio control system for rudder, elevator, and throttle control. Get flight times of 8 - 10 minutes per battery charge and fly up to a distance of 500 feet.

F-16 Electric Powered RC Airplane

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a ready to fly (RTF) ducted fan RC Jet Airplane. This is recommended for experienced modelers. You can easily hand launch the plane. It flies like a park flyer and has a slow landing speed.

Kit comes complete with the electric powered F-16 ducted fan, airplane kit, radio control system, motor, speed controller, NiCad battery pack, and battery charger.

Stealth Electric RC Airplanes

The Megatech Megastealth II is among the cheapest and best Stealth electric rc airplanes. Looking like the real Stealth Bomber, the Megastealth II is ready to fly (RTF).

Kit comes complete with a 3 channel radio controller, battery pack, and a powerful electric motor that pushes the speed to 60+ miles per hour!

Buy Electric RC Airplanes

You can buy these electric powered rc airplanes, plus many other models from local hobby shops or online r/c hobby stores.

Visit the "Buy RC Airplanes" for our list of highly recommended online hobby shops. Discount, sales, and sometimes free shipping make buying online a great deal.

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