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RC Airplanes - Fly Your Own Remote Control Airplane

Enjoying the hobby of rc airplanes has never been easier.

Remote control airplanes are now made ready to fly, also called rtf rc airplanes. Out of the box, these airplanes are pre-built, and ready-to-fly! These rc planes are perfect for beginners.

If you are a new to the hobby and enjoy building and assembling, there are remote control airplanes for beginners that still require assembly. Perfect for first timers and modelers. 

If you already have experience with electric rc planes, try gas rc airplanes. These are faster, and have the realistic engine sound. Warning: these are not for beginners. 

Gas rc airplane picture
Ready to fly gas rc airplane

Getting Started in Remote Control Airplanes

Introduction to Radio Control RC Airplanes
Beginner's guide and intro to the fun hobby of radio control rc airplanes.

Electric RC Airplanes
Electric powered rc planes are perfect for first timers. Learn how they work, and how to choose, and where to buy. Comparison of cheap rc airplanes and rc airplane sorted by brand and model.

Gas RC Airplanes
Gas powered rc planes are for those with experience flying remote control airplanes. Learn how they work, how to choose, how fast, and where to buy.

Remote Control Airplanes
Electric jet powered F16, 50+ miles per hour electric remote control airplanes, and 60+ miles per hour Stealth Bomber.

RC Model Airplanes
Popular brands and models such as Crosswind and Megatech planes.

Read to Fly RTF
The fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to fly. This one page guide compares the best rtr rc planes available today.

Beginner RC Airplanes
A one page guide comparing rc planes that are perfect for first timers. You cannot go wrong when buying any of the rc planes listed on this page. Note that these planes require some assembly.

RC Airplane For Sale
Buy electric, gas, jet, mini, micro, and park flyer planes online.

RC Airplane Magazines
The best way to learn more about the hobby is to read rc airplane magazines.

RC Planes Pre Flight Checklist
Quick checklist to ensure a safe flight for your electric or gas powered rc plane.

Cleaning RC Electric Motors
Tips on cleaning rc electric motors, buying GWS planes, and comparing electric motors vs. gas engines.

Resource for r/c airplane information. Videos, books, flight simulators, and more!

Other Flying Model Kits

The DraganFlyer IV - Electric Powered RC Helicopter
New and Improved! The Dragan Flyer 4 is the awesome 4 rotor, gyro stabilized, indoor and outdoor electric powered r/c helicopter. New lithium ion batteries give 16 - 20 minutes of flight per charge. Plus you can mount a micro video camera system!

The DraganFlyer III - Electric Powered RC Helicopter 
The Dragan Flyer 3 is the awesome 4 rotor, gyro stabilized, indoor and outdoor electric powered r/c helicopter. You can mount the optional Eyecam micro video camera system, and take overhead surveillance pictures.

Intro to Electric and Gas Powered RC Helicopters
Have fun flying indoors and outdoors. Electric rc helicopters are cheap and easy to fly... even for beginners.

Indoor Fun with Radio Control Blimps and Saucers
Helium filled blimps are great for indoor fun. Helium is safe... used frequently in party balloons.

More Radio Controlled Airplane Kits

RC Airplanes - Remote Control, Radio Controlled Airplane Kits
Electric r/c airplanes, mini rc planes, ready to fly models, gas kits, park flyers, and more. is a new website that contains clear and concise info about rc planes. It's a good resource to help beginners in buying rc air planes.

RC Monster Trucks - Guide To Remote Control Trucks
Buyer's guide to electric and gas powered nitro rc trucks. Choose and buy the best mini, stadium, and monster trucks online.

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